i can change your life


Lucky for you, I have a unique ability to pull your passions out from inside you. I will never tell you what to do or who to be. But I will ask you those pivotal questions that will allow your inner ideas and inspirations to flood forth. You will feel safe and supported and by the end of our time together your world will be filled with possibilities and an excitement that you haven’t felt in ages. Everyone has an inner voice that, once discovered and developed, wants to scream out with satisfaction. Unfortunately, and often, that voice is buried deep down under layers of societal stigmas, past work-lives and parental pressures. It is my job to identify your inner yearnings with laser-like accuracy and to assist you on your path to achieve great things. After that, your career search journey will shift to a seamless series of guided steps involving a deeper and more productive career exploration, informational interviews, job shadowing, resume & cover letter writing, interview preparation, grad school applications, personal statement essays, social media networking and whatever else your personal journey requires.

I’m here to help with all of the above.

I can’t wait to meet you and to sink myself into your career journey.

Amy Bandolik
{Career Counselor, 
NYU professor, resume expert, interview guru, mid-life crisis mastermind & your personal cheerleader}
at your service

a bold statement, i know.